Solution for 1301-1400


# Name Difficulty Tags
1302 Deepest Leaves Sum Medium Tree | Depth-first Search
1305 All Elements in Two Binary Search Trees Medium Sort | Tree
1315 Sum of Nodes with Even-Valued Grandparent Medium Tree | Depth-first Search
1317 Convert Integer to the Sum of Two No-Zero Integers Easy Math
1318 Minimum Flips to Make a OR b Equal to c Medium Bit Manipulation
1319 Number of Operations to Make Network Connected Medium Depth-first Search | Breadth-first Search | Union Find
1320 Minimum Distance to Type a Word Using Two Fingers Hard Dynamic Programming
1325 Delete Leaves With a Given Value Medium Tree
1332 Remove Palindromic Subsequences Easy String
1334 Find the City With the Smallest Number of Neighbors at a Threshold Distance Medium Graph
1335 Minimum Difficulty of a Job Schedule Hard Dynamic Programming
1339 Maximum Product of Splitted Binary Tree Medium Dynamic Programming | Tree
1346 Check If N and Its Double Exist Easy Array
1347 Minimum Number of Steps to Make Two Strings Anagram Medium String
1348 Tweet Counts Per Frequency Medium Design
1351 Count Negative Numbers in a Sorted Matrix Easy Array | Binary Search
1352 Product of the Last K Numbers Medium Array | Design
1353 Maximum Number of Events That Can Be Attended Medium Greedy | Sort | Segment Tree
1354 Construct Target Array With Multiple Sums Hard Greedy
1365 How Many Numbers Are Smaller Than the Current Number Easy Array | Hash Table
1366 Rank Teams by Votes Medium Array | Sort
1367 Linked List in Binary Tree Medium Linked List | Dynamic Programming | Tree
1368 Minimum Cost to Make at Least One Valid Path in a Grid Hard Breadth-first Search
1374 Generate a String With Characters That Have Odd Counts Easy String
1375 Bulb Switcher III Medium Array
1376 Time Needed to Inform All Employees Medium Depth-first Search
1377 Frog Position After T Seconds Hard Depth-first Search
1380 Lucky Numbers in a Matrix Easy Array
1381 Design a Stack With Increment Operation Medium Stack | Design
1382 Balance a Binary Search Tree Medium Binary Search Tree
1383 Maximum Performance of a Team Hard Greedy | Sort
1389 Create Target Array in the Given Order Easy Array
1390 Four Divisors Medium Math
1391 Check if There is a Valid Path in a Grid Medium Depth-first Search | Breadth-first Search