Lucky Numbers in a Matrix

Problem Id: 1380 Difficulty: Easy Tag: Array


First, we need to found the minimum value of each row and maximum value of each column. Then we could iterate each node to see if it is both the minimum of its column and the maximum of its row.


class Solution:
    def luckyNumbers (self, matrix: List[List[int]]) -> List[int]:
        m = len(matrix)
        n = len(matrix[0])
        min_row = [float('inf')] * m
        max_col = [float('-inf')] * n

        for i in range(m):
            for j in range(n):
                min_row[i] = min(min_row[i], matrix[i][j])
                max_col[j] = max(max_col[j], matrix[i][j])

        lucky_numbers = []
        for i in range(m):
            for j in range(n):
                if matrix[i][j] == min_row[i] == max_col[j]:
        return lucky_numbers